At Prairie Lakes Youth Programs
we aim to give young people the tools
they need to live a better life.

   We provide corrections, detention, secure, and non-secure alternative programs for boys and girls ages 10-21.  Our facility and staff's mission is to teach and enable responsible thinking by using the Truthought Corrective Thinking model and by doing whatever it takes to implement these strategies with every resident in our facility. Prairie Lakes staff have been committed to helping young people learn a better way to live since 1991.
Executive Director Darin Balken 320-231-1729 or 320-214-6697
Secure Detention Julie Bush-Gregory 320-231-1729 or 320-214-6697
Secure Corrections Brad Bengston 320-231-1729 or 320-214-6697
Non-Secure Alternatives Jeston Kok 320-235-0975
Girls Group Home Sara Duchene 320-235-6637
Boys Group Home Sara Duchene 320-235-6895
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